The post you never want to make

Occasional crashes are an inevitable  and even accepted part of bike racing, but  sometimes the unthinkable happens.  Jackie Dunn crashed while racing at  the San Diego Velodrome on June 18, and unfortunately  her injuries were fatal.   The  San Diego Velodrome and the entire cycling community has  experienced a terrible loss, and words cannot  express our shock and sadness.   Jackie was an enthusiastic rider and experienced success in a short amount  of time.    She was a big proponent of women’s racing, but wasn’t afraid to race with the men.  Jackie was  a tenacious racer with a vibrant personality who quickly became a true member of the velodrome community.  Some of her friends have organized a memorial ride on  Saturday June 22, and  her friend Angel Castillo has set up a memorial fund to help her family  pay for  medical and funeral expenses.