Adult Classes

Adult Track Classes  $120 for a 6 week Session

2014 Classes In Session

The Monday night classes  start on March 10  full,  April 28,  June 16,  August 4, Sep 15  Registration Link for Monday Classes is here contact Pam   Houle for  info on Monday classes:

The Wednesday night classes start on:  March 12,  April 30,  June 18,  August 6, Sept 17.- Registration Link  For Wednesday Classes is here    Contact Sean Burke for Info on Wednesday classes:

Both the Monday and Wednesday night classes are suitable for all types of riders, from true beginners to experienced racers. Students must be 18 years or older. No other cycling credentials are required. All riders must sign an Adult Release Form, but SDVA membership is not required.

Equipment such as a track bike and helmet will be provided if necessary. Bring your own helmet if you have one. Please wear athletic shoes If you are going to use a velodrome bike because you will not be allowed to change out the pedals and the velodrome bikes use platform pedals with toe clips.

Class is split into 2 groups:
Level I is an introduction to track riding, Level II takes Level I riders to the next level of competency.  Riders may race on Friday  nights after completing level I. Levels I and II meet together. When Level I students are on the track, Level II is resting and vice versa.    The Monday night classes are taught by Pam Jorgensen, and the Wendesday night classes are taught by San Diego Cycling Coach Sean Burke.  You can sign up for one or both classes, but you may only attend on the nights you registered for. Class meets  from 7PM to 9PM  for 6 consecutive weeks, or may have a week off when Monday is a holiday.