Vendor Info

Vendor Information for Fall 2014 Veloswap

The infield of our 333.3m track is the site for our swap meet. Drive-in sellers enter first, and will be directed around the track.  If you have not reserved a spot, one will be designated for you at the gate.

Walk-in sellers will fill remaining spots and infield.

12’ spots are outlined around the apron.  Please not that the infield diagram below is a rough guide, and actual number spots MAY be in slightly different locations because of hazards on the infield soil, or for any other reasons. On swap meet day, the paint on the ground is king and must be obeyed.

Spots are marked by number on the map below.  Please print, fill out, and mail the pre-registration form to lock in your spot or it may be given away to a paying seller.

Please do not just email.  You must print and mail the form.  The VeloSwap has grown to the point where vendor space sells out, so we must have payment in advance.

The following spots have been sold: P1, P2, P5, P7, T1, T2, T3, T4, T9, 1-3, 36, 40-44, 66, 47-48

vendor spots spring 2014

Available Spots for Pre-Reg

7 prime spots (P1-P7): available for pre-reservation only: $260
Full concrete spots, right at the buyers entrance (spots P1, P2, and P3 on the map). Guarantees you to be seen! No need to get an early spot in line–we’ve got you covered!  New this year, we’ve split the cooldown circle into four, huge spots for all you vendors with big vans and LOTS of stuff. 

Tier 1 spots (T1-T9): $120 for vehicles under 16 feet, $200 for vehicles over 16 feet
Spots along the velodrome’s front stretch and near the entrance.

Regular Spots: $90 for vehicles under 16 feet, $160 for vehicles over 16 feet
Numbered spots along the apron and cooldown circle, still able to get great foot traffic from thousands of buyers.

Each vehicle includes entry for TWO (2) sellers.  Additional sellers are $10 each above the cost of vehicle entry.

To reserve in advance , fill out a printed copy of the pre-registration form and follow the instructions thereupon.

If you have any questions not answered by the instructions on the form or this page,  contact Ian Pike. Please do not contact Ian to say, “Can I have this spot?” Fill out the form and send it in. Swap meet tends to fill up, and it’s not practicable to temporarily hold spots by request as it was in past years, when the swap meet was smaller.  Many thanks for compliance with this, because it makes the swap better, bigger, and faster for us all!

Drive-in Times
Gates open at 7:00 to drive-in sellers, 8:15 to walk-in sellers; 9 am to buyers. At the organizers’ discretion, no more drive-in sellers may be allowed to enter after walk-in sellers start coming in.  Be on time and in the line or else we reserve the right to turn you away. That said, if you’re on time, we will make miracles happen to find a spot for you, if it comes to that.

Walk-in Sellers
Walk-in sellers pay $15 for single-person entry.


  • Cash only
  • No refunds due to rain or other event
  • Vendors will enter and be directed in a counter-clockwise manner to the next available spot, please follow all directions
  • No selling food, drinks, or other consumables inside the velodrome
  • No selling items outside the velodrome gate. That’s just rude.
  • No bicycles are to be locked to the velodromes boards or rail.  Price tags will be removed by staff.
  • All vendors must remain in designated spots on the infield.  Do not set up on the track or the apron
  • Obey the orange paint at all times.  It takes precedence over the map.
  • Orders and directions from swap meet staff take precedence over everything (even the sacred orange paint)
  • No riding on the track. No test riding bikes.
  • 16′ rule includes everything and every inch of the vehicle, including trailers, hitches, bikes off the back, etc.; imagine you are in a 16′ long box
  • Vehicles over 25′ please make prior arrangements with swap meet director, Ian Pike.
  • All vehicles must enter through gates on Pershing Drive as directed. No cutting in line.  If you do, we reserve the right to ask you to leave without a refund
  • All buyers must check bicycles at the bike valet.  Buyers will not be allowed in with goods.